** Please read the information below carefully. **

When you have purchased a premade cover through my shop, please contact me via e-mail (secretdartiste1@gmail.com) with all the necessary information to complete your design (like author name, title, tagline, other info I might need to complete your order). More information about the info I need: https://www.secretdartiste.be/how-i-work-premade


Price information

  • 99 USD for ebook only.
  • Want a full wraparound? You will have to pay 50 USD extra for full wraparound.
  • Want a series? Contact me to discuss possibilities (secretdartiste1@gmail.com)


How do I work (premades)



What is included in the price (summary)? 

-> for more detailed info: https://www.secretdartiste.be/how-i-work-premade


  • Text change & small retouches (e.g. changing colour) is included in the price (2 revisions are included, for extra revisions you need to pay 15 USD per extra revision).
  • I don't do major retouches (e.g. like head swaps) to my premades.
  • Text changes are done by me - I do not deliver plain/ flattened images without the text. This is to prevent thievery.
  • A cover is sold only once!



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Images: https://www.shutterstock.com

texture: https://www.deviantart.com/sirius-sdz

Blue frost

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  • Do I own all the rights on the cover I bought?

    When buying a book cover, you are purchasing the right to "use" the artwork, not the copyright on the design itself. The copyright remains my own (Evelyne Paniez - Secrèt D'ar Tiste), unless stated otherwise.


    *** Stocks used for your projects ***

    The stocks (photo’s that I have used to create your book cover) were either purchased by me from Shutterstock.com (basic license) or came from copyright free images databases. I also use stocks from Deviantart.com from time to time (where commercial use is allowed). Best is that you credit all these resources in your book (you will receive a list in the end).


    *** Important ***

    When purchasing one of my services/book covers, you automatically agree that you will abide by the terms of Shutterstock.com (for standard license). You can read their terms of use on www.shutterstock.com. In case you will exceed the amount of 500,000 printed copies, you must upgrade your stocks to an extended license. Please keep that in mind.


    *** Questions about this? ***

    If you have any questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact me via secretdartiste1@gmail.com.

My artworks and photographs may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My works are not public domain © All rights reserved by Evelyne Paniez.

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