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From start to finish



Please fill-out the following in-take form for customs. If the project matches my skillset and schedule, you will be contacted through email within 3 to 5 business days. Well, are you ready to go on an epic adventure together? Don't wait and sign up below ... ;-) Talk to you soon?

Edit: Commissions are closed. Bookings are not possible at this point.


Choose your package here and complete my custom form.

Before ordering, please read my full terms and conditions and will avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards (contract).
I'll get in touch within 3-5 business days through email if there is a match in skillset and my schedule.


If there is a match:

a time slot will be agreed upon and a non-refundable booking fee of $50 needs to be paid directly to secure your slot. If there is no cancellation, this $50 will be deducted from your final invoice.


Before creating your concept you will need to pay a deposit (50%) a week before your slot.


You'll receive a list of assets and stocks, which you'll be able to choose from.


After you've approved the stocks, we'll go ahead, and work on a draft concept which will be send to you for approval. 

This will be according to the briefing and description I have received from you.


Important note:

this is the step where the big changes happen in terms of the pose, hair, costume, etc...! These changes will count as revision one. There is only 1 big revision included in my packages.


So the big changes were made, and you are happy with the draft (was approved by you).


I'll then go ahead and start the overpainting, adding lighting, shadows, effects, and adding my magic touch :-)


In this step you will also have the possibility for 2 smaller revisions where we tweak little things (if necessary). If more than 2 small revisions are needed, these cost extra.


Important note:

big changes are not possible anymore in this stage, only little changes. If you want a big change after you approved the draft, extra fees might incur, and are depending on complexity.


The cover is finished! :-)


The remaining balance needs to be paid in full before the due date that is mentioned on your invoice (I'll send that to you).


After full payment has been done, the files agreed upon will be send to you through a download link from


You will also receive a stock list from the assets I purchased and used during the creation of your book cover.

object book cover, fantasy object book cover, fairytale retelling book cover, beauty and the beast book cover, roses book cover, gold book cover



Any third-party stocks used to create your book cover are purchased from legitimate and respectable stock sites (such as Depositphotos, Shutterstock, ...), under a basic license (max. 500.000 end products). A basic license means that you cannot sell merchandising (like e.g. mugs). It is possible though if you purchase an extended license yourself (you’ll receive a stock list at the end). This also means that I do not use AI based software to create your book cover. 





All payments are done through PayPal.


Cancellation before start: if the client chooses to cancel the booking before the scheduled date, the booking fee ($50) will serve as a cancellation fee (non-refundable). If already started working at the project, the client is owed 50% of the project total sum. This is to cover resources and the time taking during the project up to the point of cancellation. If cancellation is the case, client will have no rights to any mockups sent to the client and agrees to destroy them. Any tracked changes or work unfinished will not be implemented.


When buying cover art created by Secrèt D’artiste (premade, custom premade or custom), you are purchasing the right to "use" the artwork, not the copyright on the design itself. The copyright remains from Secrèt D’artiste, unless stated otherwise. If you want to obtain full copyright, please get in touch to discuss possibilities. You have my full approval to use the design of the cover to make your own marketing materials such as: banners, profile pictures, headers for various social media platforms, your website, etc… I can help you with this, just let me know ;-)



You are not allowed to make changes to the cover design and texts yourself, unless agreed upfront.

You are not allowed to copy/paste pieces from the design and create your own artwork.

You are not allowed to use my designs to make series continuations yourself, unless agreed upfront.

You are not allowed to make text changes to the covers yourself, unless agreed upfront.

You are not allowed to resell your custom cover to another author, unless you have written permission from me.




Always credit me in your books as the artist who created your book cover design:

Cover art by Evelyne Paniez,

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Don't forget...

... to read the full terms and conditions, as the information above is only a summary.

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