License stocks

Version 1.0. dd. April 16, 2020

These rules are very simple and easy to use. When downloading my stocks you are agreeing to abide by the following terms of use. I hereby state that all my stock is photographed and created by me. So please respect the copyright. 



Who can use my stocks?

My resources can be used by graphic designers, photo manipulators, photobashers, hobby and other creatives. 



Premium stocks, what does this mean?

My stocks are premium, which means that you have to pay a small amount, but once you have purchased them, you can use them as many times as you like – in your personal and commercial projects if my rules are being followed.


I am also offering some freebies. Go to my shop, download and enjoy them!
You can use them for personal and commercial artworks. You still need to abide by my stock rules! Thanks!



  1. Giving credit:

    • Purchased stock via Deviantart stock account:
      Credit is required, so that others also can find my resources -> Photo or PNG by Evelyne Paniez ©,

    • Purchased stock via Etsy: Credit is not required, but always appreciated.

    • Purchased stock via my shop here: Credit is not required, but always appreciated.

  2. Once you have purchased my stock, you can use them as many times as you like in your artworks.

  3. You can use my stocks in your personal and commercial projects (including prints, book/cd covers, commissions, premade backgrounds, etc...), when all rules are being followed and you have purchased a license. You may NOT make and resell cut-outs/png files with my resources! Premade backgrounds are fine with me, if all rules are followed.

  4. You can use my stock for reference in traditional art, after purchasing a license.

  5. Have fun when using my stock!

  6. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.


  1. My stocks need to be sufficiently edited. Don't use them 'as is'. Do not just add a filter or change the colour/change the contrast/add a texture… etc... You get the picture! If it's your art you're selling, I am perfectly fine with it. If you are trying to sell my photos, I am not! So please adhere with my rules!

  2. Do not use my stock without substantial alterations commercially (see rule above).

  3. Do not put your signature on my pictures and claim them as your own. I still hold the copyright to the original resources.

  4. Do not repost the original stock photo on any site or do NOT sell them on other stock sites. 

  5. Do not share stocks with other people. You only buy a license for yourself (see 'Commercial use license' below).

  6. Do not cut-out objects from my stock and do not sell png tubes/files made with my stock. Premade backgrounds are permitted and ok for you to resell, but you have to follow the rules (so you need to sufficiently edit my stocks). 

  7. Do not redistribute my original stocks as stock or resource on your own website or account!!!

  8. Do not use my stock in conjunction with any illegally downloaded images, e.g. Google/search engine images, celebrity images, copyrighted materials/intellectual property/ trademarks/ characters such as from Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers (Harry Potter, ...), manga animations, tattoos, 3d renders/objects & characters from licensed videogames, images from musea, images from the public domain or another artist’s work obtained without permission.

  9. Please, no racism, political, pornography or abuse in any other way… 


If the terms are not met, I will ask you to remove your work and you are not allowed to use my resources anymore.




All my stock photos/resources on my website can be used for your personal and commercial projects. You do not need an additional note from me to proceed with your project. Once you have purchased the item/stock, you have my written permission to use the stocks for your artprints, book cover designs, premade backgrounds, etc… And the fun part is, once you have purchased them, you can use them as many times as you like in your artworks!

Important: you only buy a license for yourself. The license is not transferrable to others and you cannot redistribute my stock to other people, designers, etc… Everyone that would like to work with my stock needs to buy their own license!

An example:
When you make a book cover for a client and you as a designer have purchased my stock, you can use it for the project and it's covered for your client as well. No problem here.

Another example:
When you have purchased any of my stocks, another designer asks you to also use that stock and transfer the stocks to him/her. The other designer can also work with my stock, but needs to buy their own license through my shop.

My artworks and photographs may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My works are not public domain © All rights reserved by Evelyne Paniez.

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