You will receive a unique and mindblowing book cover, made in my own style of art!

How we work (premade)


Effective from April 23, 2021

All prices are in US dollar and subject to change anytime.

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Please give credit to me as an artist, but also to the stock providers. You will receive a list with all stocks used at the end.

Please mention: Cover art by Evelyne Paniez, www.secretdartiste.be


Stocks used for your projects

The stocks (photographs that we have used to create your book cover) were purchased from either Shutterstock, Gumroad, Depositphotos, fantasybackgroundstore, creative market, DAZ3D, etc ... (all under a basic license). We sometimes use stocks from Deviantart from time to time (purchased or where commercial use is allowed and approval was given by the stock provider to use their resources for commercial use). Please credit these resources in your book if possible.


We are proud to say that we do NOT use stocks from Pixabay, Google, Pinterest or any other free websites. 

Stock basic license

As a basic license is purchased for all the stocks used in our premade covers designs, which means you can not sell merchandising of your books, including but not limited to art prints, bookmarks, buttons, calendars, etc... It is possible though if you purchase an extended license (see below).

Want to sell merchandising of your book or are you exceeding the amount of 500.000 printed copies?


Please buy an extended license yourself. You will receive the numbers of the stock, so you can easily find them and can purchase an extended license if needed. If you have bought an extended license, just go ahead and print your merchandises after receiving our written permission to do so.


You can read the full terms of use on Shutterstock or on Depositphotos (depending on the stocks we used).

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If you have purchased a premade cover or trilogy from us, please fill in the questionnaire here.

All premade covers in our shop only include the price for an ebook cover. A traditional full wrap can be designed for you for an additional fee. Please see our packages with current pricing here.


e.g. eye color change or remove a small item.

  1. Contact us via e-mail prior to buying a premade from our shop or Facebook-group for possibilities.

  2. Small changes are possible but depending on the change and complexity, an extra fee might be charged (some changes will be free, depending on what you need, so please contact us prior to buying!). 

  3. Full payment in advance. FCFS base.


e.g. a head swap, remove or add certain big elements, etc...

We do not make complex changes to premade covers. Thanks for your understanding. Instead you have the option to choose for a custom made cover here.


Please check out the available packages for customs here.

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All payments are done by PayPal. If you buy a cover in our online shop, this will automatically go through PayPal. If you buy a premade cover through our FB group, you will receive a payment request from us through PayPal.


Exemption VAT/GST (Value Added Tax) small business, VAT/GST is not applicable. This means that you pay no taxes on our services.

Paying for your project

100% needs to be paid in advance, because we work with the FCFS option. After payment, you will receive the book cover in .jpg or .png optimized for online selling and printing. 


A refund is not possible when buying a premade design. Thank you for your understanding.

Selling a premade cover to another author

If you made a purchase in the past, but you don't need that particular design anymore, it is possible for you to resell the ebook cover at the same price you bought it from us to another author, BUT:



Extended license stocks

In case you will exceed the amount of 500,000 printed copies, or you want to sell merchandise of your book, you must upgrade your stocks to an extended license. This is not included in our price. We only work with basic licenses. For more info, please check the 'give credit' section on this page.

Payment plan (free service)

As a service to our (possible) clients, there is an option for payment plans for duo and trilogy covers.

Standalone/single covers:
no payment plan possible.
Full price has to be paid at once (FCFS).

Trilogy covers:

OPTION 1: you directly pay 100% of the price via PayPal within 24h after your purchase. You will receive an invoice from us.

OPTION 2: you directly pay 50% of the price via Paypal within 24h after your purchase. The remaining 50% has to be paid within 30 calendar days. You will receive an invoice mentioning the due date for the second payment. 

OPTION 3: you directly pay 1/3 rd of the set price (trilogy) within 24 hours after your purchase. Part 2/3 needs to be paid within 30 calendar days and the last part 3/3 needs to be paid within 60 calendar days. You will receive an invoice mentioning the due dates for the next payments.

Reservation covers online shop (free service)

(not for trilogies)

If you don't have the money yet to pay for the 'standalone' cover, please contact us through e-mail, so we can make a reservation.

New clients

Covers can be reserved for 30 calendar days. After these 30 days, the cover has to be paid through PayPal.

Known clients:

Covers can be reserved to a maximum of 3 months. After these 3 months, the cover has to be paid through PayPal.

If there was no payment, the cover that was reserved, will be available again in our shop for others to purchase. 

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When buying a book cover (premade or custom), you are purchasing the right to "use" the artwork, not the copyright on the design itself. The copyright remains my own, unless stated otherwise.

If you really, really want to obtain full copyright, please contact me and I am sure we can find an arrangement & price.

You have my full approval to use the design of the ebook cover to make your own marketing materials such as: banners, profile pictures and headers for various social media platforms and your own website, visuals for Instagram/Facebook, etc ... I can help you with this, just let me know ;-)


  1. You are not allowed to make changes to the cover design yourself.

  2. You are not allowed to copy/paste pieces from the design and create your own artwork.

  3. You are not allowed to use my designs to make series continuations yourself based upon my designs (that would be copyright infringement).

  4. You are not allowed to make text changes to the covers yourself.

Questions about this? Please do not hesitate to contact me via email.



The font on the premade book cover was used for the mock-up. This can be changed to a font to your preference. Please let us know which type of font you would like to display on your cover. Make sure you chose a font that can be used for commercial purposes!! If we need to purchase a new font, an extra fee will be charged, so please contact us prior to buying a premade cover.

Blank artwork (flattened without texts)


Please be aware that we never give a PSD layered file to our clients. If you want the blank artwork without any texts, you can receive a flattened version for an extra fee (see available packages and add-ons here). You can use this blank artwork under a basic license only for marketing purposes. If you want to use this for merchandising, please first buy an extended license of the stocks used yourself. You will receive a list at the end of the project.


Purchasing the blank artwork does not mean a transfer of copyright. If you want to obtain full copyright, please contact us and we can find an arrangement & price.

Paperback or dust jacket needed?


In need for an additional full wrap for your ebook? Please visit our packages here to see the available possibilities. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me via email, chat, ... Please let us know the timeframe you will need this full wrap, so we can inform you about possibilities.


2 revisions are included in the price (when buying a trilogy, 2 revisions per book are included). For extra revisions needed, you will have to pay an extra fee of $15 per revision. If you need a text change after approval, this also has a fee of $15.

When will I receive my final book cover?


Estimated turnaround for premade ebook covers will be 3 to 5 working days. If you want a full wrap, this can take 5 to 10 working days. If the timeframe is not possible (due to other bookings/ projects), we will inform you in advance.

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Need banners or other visuals for social media, marketing, etc? Please contact me for further details.

Interested in exclusive covers?

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You are welcome at any time to contact me via chat, email or have a look on the FAQ-page
This page is subject to change anytime, so please check this page frequently.

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The foxes are illustrated by the lovely Eve Farb.

They were purchased by me on Creative Market.