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Hello, welcome and nice to meet you! I am Evelyne, a book cover artist from Belgium (Europe). My digital art journey began when I was a teenager and discovered Photoshop for the first time. Luis Royo, Victoria Francés, and Anne Stokes were my first major art influences.


My art career really started when I decided to create my own graphic design business in 2015. It first started out as a half-time job for several years, and I did mainly graphic design for companies (brochures, posters, logos, ...). After that I slowly rolled into book cover design. Since September 2021 I am designing book covers full-time.


My focus, inspiration, and specialties are mostly characters in fantasy genres such as but not limited to fairytale retellings, warriors, witches, mermaids, reapers and much more. Besides regular fantasy, I love designing wuxia and xianxia covers for the Asian Fantasy genre. And more over, I love everything with dragons... I LOVE DRAGONS!!


If you want to say hi or want to work together, you are most welcome to jump over to the CONTACT page and leave me a message. I will respond to you as soon as I can (usually within 3 to 5 business days). 


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